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Angel's face

Angel's face


Angel's Face is a creation by Keely Deininger, whose dream, as a little girl, was to be a designer and her garments on the fashion podium in Paris. Twenty years later, after years of work for world-class fashion brands, Keila creates her own brand - Angel's Face, which produces only one but exclusive product - an iconic tutu that comes with a vintage concept inspired by a round hat box.

After producing and selling more than 200,000 tutus and outperforming the competition, the brand today offers much more than its original product. Including dresses, swimsuits, skirts, sweaters, tops, coats, denim and a variety of kids and baby accessories, Angel's Face recreates magical collections of lace and satin fabrics.

The brand spreading continues to grow and can be found in over 400 boutiques and department stores in 40 countries.

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