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Barbaras is a company producing children's and baby hats and accessories. Founded in the 1970s by Barbara Marcin Skowron, whose courageous history inspires the world. Born in Poland, a family of talented parents, during the Second World War, the little girl Barbara admired her father, who built shelter for all the victims of the air bombs that destroyed their city. She wanted to have the same courageous and innovative spirit of her father, be like him and do something that can help the family and the people. On a cold evening illuminated by the lighted kerosene lamp, the mother pulled her last wool ball out of her pocket, and little Barbara created an incredible woolen hat for her sister during the harsh winter . History continues even today, as Barbaras creates unique hat models that fits every child for every occasion. One of the company's goals is to turn every dream into reality and to support children's imagination. Barbara's tradition continues to this day, and children are the focus of every new design and idea. All materials, items and designs are of high quality and unique in its kind, as well as environmentally friendly. Barbaras believe that "when work is a pleasure only beautiful things happen"

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