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In the cooler autumn and cold winter months, it is extremely important to choose high-quality clothing and accessories to comfort and warmth for our children. From infants to teenagers, every boy and girl deserves to feel the warmth and comfort with warm hats. This is exactly what the Trestelle brand offers.

Trestelle is a brand that offers handmade high quality hats made in Italy. The brand chooses only the best materials, the most popular and common ones are the natural wool and fluff, which is extremely soft and most trestelle branded products.

The Trestelle models are truely modern. Their style is sample and classic colors, suitable for both boys and girls. Of course, the company also makes available articles that are current and in tune with fashion.

Trestelle is not only a well-known brand all over Europe, but also one of the top marks of its customers. Do not hesitate - Choose high quality and warm Trestelle hats for your child, It is a well-deserved choice!

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